Any change to the structure of the unit or the exterior of the unit must have approval.  ADA Modification Agreement with Architectural Change or the Architectural Change request must be submitted for approval prior to the change.  Failure to do so will result in fines or assessments for damage.

Fill out the appropriate form and provide as much detail as possible. Submitting  photos and contractor information will speed the process. Submit your request to [email protected].


In accordance with Section 2.6 Landscaping. of the Combined Declarations of the Quail Run Association All landscaping plans or alterations to landscaping within the Limited Common Elements of a Unit shall be approved by the Association. The Owner must submit a landscape plan for the Limited Common Elements. Upon approval of the plan by the Association, the Owner will have nine months to install and complete the approved landscaping. If the Owner does not comply with the approved plan or time limit, the Association shall cause to be removed any item which is not in compliance with the approved plan or complete the landscaping in compliance with the approved plan. The cost shall be added to and become a part of the assessment to which such Owner's Unit is subject and is payable upon receipt of notice. Please use the standard form at this time. 

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